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New office plan
In the light of the new site plan, mark the work area of the new office, that is, tick a label on the seats of employees with their name and number. This number, once confirmed, every personal items and documents will be numbered according to it, so that our workers can quickly move documents to the right place. Mark the public area in the same way.(such as meeting office, reception office.)

Preparation in advance
Deliver boxes to every employee. They can put their personal goods in the box and tick a mark.

Handling office furnitures
Set apart furniture and pack them with paper, bubble wrap, and cartons.

Handling public areas
Pack the facilities in the public area and make a detailed packing list to make sure every screw and wire will not be left.

Check the number of every package according to the packing list before goods are loading into the truck.

When arrived, check number and make wall and floor protection. Unpack and set up furniture. We will clean the office finally. You may rate our service. When you are satisfied, we will leave and take away the debris.


We will change the postion of furniture for you in one month without any payment.