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Fred Mover endeavors to ensure that your belongings are handled with expertise and the utmost care in all stages of relocation and storage. Nevertheless, on rare occasions some unforeseen and uncontrolled accidents can occur, such as wide variations of temperature, unexpected events during transit time, mishandling at sea and air ports, etc.

Therefore,we strongly recommend that you entire shipment be fully protected by an “All Risk” insurance coverage. Our insurance program is especially designed to insure household goods, personal effects, antiques, artworks etc. from the time of collection through to final delivery.

Fred Mover can provide insurance coverage through Inter Trans Insurance Service, Inc which is underwritten by American Home Assurance( A member of the American International Group), a ‘A++’ rated insurance company with representative offices in most countries of the world.

ITI insurance policy includes the following:
Comprehensive door to door coverage
Electrical and mechanical derangement coverage
Pairs and sets coverage
Mould and mildew coverage
Free storage insurance at origin and/or destination(Maximum 60 days)
Step-by-step proposal form designed to achieve a realistic replacement value of your belongings
No excess in the event of a claim
Very competitive rates as result of our very low claims experience

Here are some useful tips for your reference:

Tip One: Covered and Not-Covered. You will be covered on All Risks door to door insurance for all kinds of transportation. Any loss will be reimbursed according to the declared value shown on the value inventory list.

Tip Two: Our Transit Insurance does NOT cover currency, jewelry, watches, coins, stamps, stocks, non-negotiable instruments, pets or items of a similar nature. We recommend that you arrange alternative coverage for these items and carry your valuables by hand to your destination. Items packed by the owner are also not covered.