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Generally speaking, HHG&PE means household goods and personal effects which is actually every normal family or individual live by or use in the daily life. HHG&PE has another term is called non-trade goog, by contrast, it comes the trade goods.

So we guess it's pretty clear right now that why we only move HHG&PE(non-trade goods) Because as long as your identity is suitable for moving PPE&PE export or import China, your shipment is tax exemption, that's why both shipper and clients prefer to go for it this way.

As a much experienced shipper in Shanghai, we don't expect our client get confused about quotation. The thing we try to do is that when you get our quotation, you'll be so clear what's the meaning of every part of charging even if you are not a pro in this industry.

For different kind of identity client,what kinds of documents required for hhgs and personal effects import and export?

Chinese mainland resident:

—Original passport

Original valid visa affixed to the page of passport,student visa,working visa, immigrant visa or PR


Original passport
Original valid visa affixed to the page of passport,at least one year period,
Original alien employment permit(work permit)

Original representative certificate(if any)

HongKong/Macau resident:
Original Identity Card
Original Hui Xiang Zheng or Gang Ao Tong Xing Zheng
Original Work permit (must be valid for one full year)

Original  Registration of temporary residence must be valid for one full year

Original Tai Bao Zheng with usually five year validation
Original  work permit must be valid for one year,if Any
Ju Liu Qian Zhu valid for one year