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Fred Mover International Moving Company is a global relocation service company. It can help you relocate into China from The USA, the UK, India, Singapore, Australia and any corner of the earth. Our worldwide agents will help you cope with all the relevant things about your relocation. You can be assured about the move itself. Both our oversea agents and our company in shanghai have the facility and equipment to pack the household things safely in order to make the smooth transfer.

All goods imported into China (unaccompanied effects) must be cleared by Customs. We provide the Personal Consultant for each and every one of our customers. Once the job is confirmed and a pre-alert received, the Personal Consultant will contact you to assist in completing the Customs declaration forms and arrange the Customs inspection.
On the day of delivery, the Personal Consultant will be present to ensure that the delivery and unpacking goes smoothly.

Our service include:

Unpacking / unwrapping of all big furniture

Positioning the furniture as directed by the client

Simple assembly of furniture

Unpacking of all loose items and general placement

Collection of empty cartons after unpacking

Documents Need for Customs clearance:
Prohibited Imports